De-mystifying CANopen: providing developers with instant access to CANopen

CANopenIA provides Instant Access to CANopen networks by simplifying the implementation process of CANopen devices. A dedicated CANopen SoC (system on chip) or a CANopen SoM (system on module) is used to implement the entire CANopen communication protocol.

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CANopen Profiles supported  Description

CiA 301, CiA 302, CiA 305

CANopen base services and protocols
CiA 401, CiA 406, CiA 410 Generic I/O devices, joysticks, encoders, inclinometer
CiA 421, CiA 423, CiA 424, CiA 426, CiA 430, CiA 433 Train and rail vehicle control systems
CiA 422, CleANopen Municipal vehicles
CiA 443 SIIS - Subsea Instrumentation Interface Standardization
CiA 447 car add-on and accessory devices
CiA 454, Energybus Energy management systems, e-bikes, pedelecs
Others Available on request

CANopenIA-M0 Training Videos: CANopenIA-M0 Playlist on YouTube

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