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CANopenIA Binaries for Microcontrollers

Custom CANopenIA Binaries are solutions that are delivered to the client in form of a hex file. This hex file can be programmed into the Flash memory of a microcontroller and contains the CANopenIA software ready to run on a specific Microcontroller.

CANopenIA Coprocessor Binaries for NXP LPC11Cxx, LPC54xxx, LPC55xxx or STM ST32F0xx Microcontrollers

CANopenIA Mode CANopen Device Profile Options
Coprocessor CiA401, Generic I/O
CiA402, Drives
CiA406, Encoder
CiA417, Lifts
CiA418/19, Battery/Charger
CiA425, Medical Diagnostics
CiA447, car add-on devices
Support of multiple CAN interfaces, LSS, minimal CANopen NMT Master functionality


These binaries support one CAN interface of the Microcontroller. The binary can be programmed into the chip using the on-chip bootloader or an external programmer.

CANopenIA Binaries for other CANopen Device Profiles or Microcontrollers are available upon request. In comparison to the modules, the binaries give engineers a greater flexibility when designing the hardware of a CANopen device.